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Peru Pergamino
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We have been closely linked to Peru since 2013. Our main partner is the cooperative Aproeco in Moyobamba. From the approximately 300 farmers we source cooperative lots (also BIO-certified) and microlots. We have established further partnerships with the cooperative Oro Verde in Lamas and a group of committed coffee farmers in Monzón. Due to our long-standing commitment we continually understand the problems of Peruvian coffee farmers better and better. This is why Peru is where we carry out the main part of our voluntary work with our NGO Qoffee Qulture e.V.

It is typical for our partners in Peru that they cultivate coffee on small fincas (1-3 hectares), live in subsistence as much as possible and that they know and protect their habitat, the mountain rainforest.


We have been working with our partners Zanya Coffee and K’Ho Coffee in Lang Biang since 2019. They are pioneers in the world’s second largest coffee-producing country by growing and marketing high-quality Arabica coffees. With their exotic microlots, they make the rare enjoyment of Vietnamese specialty coffees possible.

The two women of the couples behind K’Ho Coffee and Zanya Coffee belong to the K’Ho people, an ethnic minority with its own language and culture in Vietnam. The ancestors of the K’Ho once lived from hunting, rice cultivation and traditional textile production. Today, most K’Ho practice agriculture and maintain a close relationship with nature. In their family communities they are able to produce top-quality coffee based on a division of labour.

+++ Four different Fine Robusta Nanolots from Vietnam are on their way – arrival mid September +++

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