We at cumpa are a reliable partner for high quality specialty coffees. Our Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta, are characterized by a variety of processes and profiles and all come from our trustful partnerships in origin. For our range we source Arabica and Canephora from Peru and Vietnam.

Specialty coffees from Peru & Vietnam

Since our founding in 2018, we have been sourcing specialty coffee from our three partners* Finca Cascadas, Aproeco and Oro Verde from Peru. Together with them, we have been able to continuously develop and increase the quality of our coffees over the past years. Our Peruvian specialty coffee is characterized by special, exotic flavors and manufacturing processes.

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In 2019, we were able to further expand our product range and add specialty coffee from Vietnam. Today, we work with our three Vietnamese partners: Toi Ngyuen from Future Coffee Farm, Zanya Coffee and Tamba Coffee Roasters. With their special coffees, we want to eliminate the prejudices of the coffee world together.

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