Our relationship with the Origin Peru is a very special one. Peru is where our journey began, and where we have sourced the majority of our coffee from since the beginning. Besides the finest specialty coffee, Peru has much more to offer. A valuable product that traditionally grows there, like coffee, is a very special vanilla, which is now part of our assortment.

Vainilla Pompona

The Vainilla Pompona convinces with a unique aroma that gives a special touch to baked goods. It is available in whole pods and packaged in a neutrally designed glass bottle. This makes it suitable for resale to end customers as well as for own use in cafés.

Note: this product is only available for resellers!

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The reusable bottle is available filled with 1, 2 or 4 pods. It comes along with a freshness seal, the best-before date (2 years from filling) and a label that provides information about the vanilla and the origin. The product is thus ready for your retail shelf or online store.

If you want to pack our Vainilla Pompona in your own packaging or use it directly for your bakery/kitchen, you can order the unpacked and cheaper version. This comes then airtight sealed with 100g vanilla beans.

Wawki: the origin

Vanilla is an aromatic orchid native to the rainforest of Latin America. Its largest and still almost unknown representative is the Pompona. Our partners from Wawki cultivated wild plants of this orchid in 2018. Since then, they have been cultivating a small area on the edge of the Tingana nature reserve in northern Peru.

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