Our partners

In addition to our eye-to-eye relationships with partners at the origin, we place just as much value on a trusting collaboration with our customers. Over the years, our clientele has grown steadily. At the same time – true to our motto “Connecting people in friendship” – long-term friendships have developed.

Voices of our customers

Motaii France
Motaii France
Cecile Huynh | Co-FounderMotaii in Ternay

“Cumpa has been very important in our goal to promote and share Vietnamese coffee culture in France. Besides having excellent coffee, the cumpa team has always been very helpful and supportive in the ups and downs of starting our business. We are very happy to have discovered cumpa and to continue our partnership.”

“I have been working with cumpa since I opened in 2019. The coffee from Peru is an integral part of my assortment. I really appreciate the friendly and trustworthy cooperation with Lukas and Paul, which is characterised by open and honest communication.
Here I can rely on transparent and high-quality green coffee. The joint origin trip to Peru was very impressive. I am looking forward to more years and great green coffees with the cumpas. Thank you!”

220Grad Kaffeerösterei
220Grad Kaffeerösterei Logo
Margret & Alois Macheiner | Founders220GRAD Kaffeerösterei

“We were with Paul in Vietnam at Mr. Toi’s. For a few years now, we have been dealing with Canephora – always in search of good qualities – and that’s how we came across cumpa and Paul. After our first experiment with Mr. Toi’s Robusta, which was very well received by our customers, we immediately took the opportunity and set off with Paul to the origin.
The journey was very diverse. On one hand, it was disturbing regarding the generally ‘poor coffee qualities’ in Vietnam, on the other hand, it was very encouraging and optimistic when you feel Mr. Toi’s intentions and the vibe behind it.
Since Paul speaks the local language and has lived in Vietnam for several years, he showed us many insights and supported us on our further journey through Vietnam. It was very enjoyable, diverse, and educational. Paul always keeps the big picture in mind. He is not only a good communicator but is also said to be a very good Salsa dancer… although we cannot confirm this personally yet.”

Kaffeemanufaktur Würzburg
Carina Schneider | CEOKaffeemanufaktur Würzburg

“Cumpa was a great partner for us after the restart of the roastery to learn, to exchange ideas and to venture into new things with advice and support. We love our “Mr. Toi’s Winey Honey” and can hardly wait for our joint origin trip to Peru in August!
The guys from cumpa are open to change and we as the roasting team are also excited about what the future holds for us together!”

“In our search for green coffee from Vietnam, we came across cumpa via a podcast in 2022. Right from the start, the cooperation was friendly, transparent and at eye level. We really appreciate the work of Paul and Lukas and are super grateful that they give us direct access to such outstanding coffee and always focus on the people behind the coffee. We are really looking forward to future projects and see cumpa as an integral part of our own coffee journey.”

Fynn Campbell | CEOCOFYMI GmbH in Herrenberg

“We have been working with cumpa GmbH for a relatively long time now. The cooperation is characterised by friendliness, humanity, mutual interest in growing together and, of course, a good degree of professionalism. Above all, however, the joint work is fun.
We look forward to many more years of this wonderful cooperation.”

Thorsten Kessmann | CEO5 Senses Coffee in Freiburg

“We have been working with Daniel and Lukas since 2019 and really appreciate the contact with them. Our collaboration is characterised by friendly communication, great trust and reliability. At the same time, we are absolutely convinced of the high quality of their green coffee and their transparent work at the origin. We look forward to many more years of cooperation with cumpa! Thank you!”

Dr. Martin Lai | CEOSUEDHANG in Tübingen

“With cumpa, we not only have a reliable partner in terms of green coffee. We have a friendly exchange and inspiration at eye level. And through cumpa, we have a very close connection to the farmers. Thank you!”

Friedrich Radi | Quality, Production, Green SourcingHoppenworth & Ploch in Frankfurt

“cumpa are reliable partners for us. We appreciate the contact, the coffees and all the attention to detail. cumpa simply allows us to buy transparent and high quality green coffees from nice people.”

Karl Maximilian Böhm | CEOmaxbean in Halver

“The cooperation with cumpa is characterized by trust and reliability. Besides the complication-free work on the purely operational level, we also very much appreciate the exchange about current events in the green coffee and specialty market.
The communication basically takes place on eye level and super result oriented. In addition to these many plus points, we also simply always have a lot of fun with the cumpas and are happy about every extraordinary idea the guys come up with.”

Wolfgang Helmreich | HeadroasterJohann Jacobs Haus in Bremen

“The cooperation with cumpa resulted from our mutual acquaintance, German Carranza in Peru. We are very happy and more than satisfied that cumpa organizes the import route from Peru to Bremen. That team cumpa has a knack for good coffees is also proven by the wonderful Mr. Toi Canephora from Vietnam. We always experience team cumpa as dedicated, passionate and authentic and look forward to a long and friendly cooperation.”