Hola! We're Lukas, Daniel, Julia & Paul – buddies, compadres or in short: cumpas.

Our common passion for coffee began with Lukas’ trip to Peru in 2013, where he spent about a year in Peru after finishing his education. He fell in love with the country, its people and coffee. Back in Germany, Lukas studied “International Management" in Karlsruhe, where his paths crossed with Daniel who studied engineering at the time. The two shared an interest in all things culinary and had many mutual friends. Between 2015 and 2016, Lukas worked for Torsten from Good Karma Coffee in Karlsruhe, which resulted in a long-standing friendship. Together with other friends we founded the registered non-profit organisation Qoffee Qulture in 2017. With this organisation we collect donations for projects with which we improve the lives of coffee farmers.

At the beginning of 2018, we undertook our first trip to Peru together. Afterwards, it was clear that we would go one step further. In August 2018, we founded cumpa GmbH. Since then we have been able to inspire more and more customers for our Peruvian coffees.

Together with Vietnamese partners we have been broadening cumpa’s portfolio since 2019. This relationship was already established in 2017 during Daniel’s trip through Vietnam.

Just recently our team has grown further. At the end of 2021, we welcomed Julia, who has been supporting us in marketing ever since. At the beginning of 2022, Paul joined us and has since been in charge of our Origin Vietnam. 

We are happy about our development so far, all the friendships, our joint adventures, and we are looking forward to a future with lots of good coffee.

Lukas Harbig
Co-Founder of cumpa GmbH, Member of the board of directors at Qoffee Qulture e.V.
Daniel Kraus
Co-Founder of cumpa GmbH, Treasurer at Qoffee Qulture e.V.
Paul Lidy
Coffee Manager Vietnam at cumpa GmbH
Julia Stretz
um zu blättern
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