The Origin Vietnam is all about Robusta, which is very widespread there. Frowned upon in the specialty coffee scene, we are convinced that our coffee from Vietnam has the potential to dispel the well-known prejudices.

Highlands of Vietnam

In Origin Vietnam, we work closely with our partners Mr. Toi, Zanya Coffee and Tamba Coffee. In addition to the classic Vietnam export Robusta, we also source the finest Arabica coffees from there.

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The global coffee industry is primarily westernized. In consumer culture, Arabica coffee with its fine aromas dominates. In Vietnam it’s different, here another bean is the undisputed and almost exclusively drunk superstar. “Cà phê Việt Nam” – the Robusta. Vietnamese love their dark-roasted and strong Robusta, from which a unique coffee culture with its own identity has developed.

In the small retro cafés in the southern metropolis of Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, people drink Cà phê Phin. The iconic ‘brewer’ made of tin, through which the strong coffee slowly and leisurely drips, can be found in every café there. In the south, people prefer to drink it on ice, in the north they prefer it hot. But everywhere in the country people drink it, the pride of Vietnamese coffee culture, which literally makes hearts beat faster – Canephora Robusta.

Our Vietnamese exporters at a glance

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