We have been working with our partners Zanya Coffee in Lang Biang an Mr. Toi in Bao Loc since 2020. Marian and Lim from Zanya are pioneers in the world’s second largest coffee-producing country by growing and marketing high-quality Arabica coffees. With their exotic microlots, they make the rare enjoyment of Vietnamese specialty coffees possible. In Bao Loc we work with our partners from Future Coffee Farm, who produce Fine Robustas in sophisticated processes.

The family producing Zanya Coffee belong to the K’Ho people, an ethnic minority with its own language and culture in Vietnam. The ancestors of the K’Ho once lived from hunting, rice cultivation and traditional textile production. Today, most K’Ho practice agriculture and maintain a close relationship with nature. In their family communities they are able to produce top-quality coffee based on a division of labour.

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