Lang Biang #00059

Our “Lang Biang” is a double washed coffee and was produced by Marian Takač and his wife Jan Lim in Langbiang, Vietnam.

The Lang Biang bears Marian Takač’s signature like no other.

His own favorite coffee is fermented twice in water according to a method widely used in East Africa.  This gives it its particularly clean and complex character, contradicting all preconceptions about Vietnamese coffees.

It is grown at the foot of the Lang Biang Mountains in a valley that has recently been declared a greenhouse-free zone. A big step in the preservation of coffee cultivation in Lang Biang, where investors are trying to buy up farmland for the cultivation of flowers and strawberries.

1. the bean is pressed from the cherry. Then they are left to ferment for 36 hrs. After this first fermentation, they are completely cleaned.

2. after cleaning, the coffee is soaked in clean water for 24 h -> this is why the Kenyan way of processing is also called “double washed”.

3. the beans are then dried in the sun and in the drying house. Depending on the weather, for about two weeks.

Article #
Country / Region
Dalat / Vietnam
Zanya Coffee
Taste description
Apple, Blackberry, White Tea
1500 - 1650m
Bulk density [kg/l]
Moisture Content
Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Tipica
Sales Price per kg
13,42 €
Net kg per sack unit
30 kg
14 sack