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COMING SOON (06-2022)

This Yellow Honey Robusta is honoring the Jarai ethnic group and their dedicated work in coffee farming.

Mr. Quang Senior has been closely associated with the Jarai tribe since he was 14 years old. As a student, he had already begun to give lessons in their villages on behalf of the church and has felt a close bond with the people ever since. Many of the farmers who are employed by Tamba today come from the surrounding villages and receive a lot of support from the family. After work, Mr. Quang Senior is often in the village because he loves Jarai food and music. According to his son, he speaks 20 different tribal languages that can still be found in the Vietnamese highlands today.


1.  cherries are picked by hand, floated, and sorted by optical sorting machine.

2.  the cherries are depulped and spread out on raised beds to dry. During this time, the cherries are moved regularly to ensure that the beans dry evenly.

3.  after about 15-20 days, they are visually sorted one more time and then stored in Grain Pro bags.

Article #
Harvest period
Country / Region
Vietnam / Gia Lai
Tamba Coffee
Taste description
Gingerbread, Macadamia, Lime Blossom Honey
Sales Price per kg
6,86 €
Net kg per sack unit
60 kg
8 sack (06-2022)
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