We have been closely linked to Peru since 2013. Our main partner is the cooperative Aproeco in Moyobamba. From the approximately 300 farmers we source cooperative lots (also BIO-certified) and microlots. We have established further partnerships with the cooperative Oro Verde in Lamas and a group of committed coffee farmers in Monzón. Together with the cooperative Divisoria in Tingo Maria, we help coffee farmers in Monzón to create good alternatives to coca cultivation with speciality coffees. Since 2020, we have also been working with the young farmer Germán Carranza in the state of Amazonas, helping him to distribute his exceptional coffees. Due to our long-standing commitment we continually understand the problems of Peruvian coffee farmers better and better. This is why Peru is where we carry out the main part of our voluntary work with our NGO Qoffee Qulture e.V.

It is typical for our partners in Peru that they cultivate coffee on small fincas (1-3 hectares), live in subsistence as much as possible and that they know and protect their habitat, the mountain rainforest.

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