We at cumpa are aware of our responsibility with regard to sustainable business – both ecologically and socially. Therefore, we take responsibility both at origin and in Germany to offer our customers high quality and sustainable specialty coffees.

Fair prices for financial prospects

Coffee cultivation is almost always associated with poverty in the producing countries. Therefore, it is important to us to pay a fair price and to create financial perspectives. We pay prices for our green coffee beans that are not dependent on the stock market, and we negotiate these prices with our partners on an equal footing. We are happy to disclose our FOB contracts to our customers.

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During production, we are regularly on site and work along. This can last several weeks due to the remote farms. By making the inspections on the fincas ourselves during visits, we can – even without certificates – check the organic farming methods. We know almost all farmers and employees personally. In this atmosphere of familiarity, we achieve great results in relationships that are designed for long-term joint development.

It’s worth it – for everyone.

cumpa plants

We are aware of the responsibility for the preservation of our environment and take appropriate measures within the framework of it. Therefore, we work with NGOs to compensate for the CO2 released by our work.

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We also plant trees in Germany and we do this because we are convinced that we must not completely abandon responsibility. You can find more information about our concrete commitment here soon.

Qoffee Qulture e.V.

Daniel and Lukas are founding members of the non-profit association Qoffee Qulture e.V., which was established in 2017. Here we improve the lives of disadvantaged coffee farmers through volunteer work.

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With knowledge, values and tools, we as association members implement projects together with partners in Germany and in the growing countries. In addition, we strengthen the idea of international spirit and cultural exchange with events.

Hand selection

Our Peruvian and Vietnamese microlots are selected by hand – as an alternative to the machine selection of larger lots in the factory. In this way, the green coffees achieve a particularly high level of cleanliness (few defects). Since 2019, we have enabled over USD 10,000 in salaries for the workers through hand selection.

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In this way, cumpa can also offer work opportunities to relatives of the coffee farmers and strengthen the support in the community. In Moyobamba, we work on hand selection with the women of the “Vaso de Leche” association, who run a food bank for malnourished children in the neighborhood.