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Fair prices for financial perspectives

Coffee cultivation is almost always associated with poverty in the producing countries. It is therefore important for us to pay a fair price and to create financial prospects. We pay prices for our green coffee beans that are independent of the stock exchange and which we negotiate on an equal footing with our partners. We are happy to disclose our FOB contracts to our customers.

During the production we are regularly on site and contribute. This can last several weeks due to some farms being very remote. By inspecting the fincas ourselves during our visits, we can ensure the organic cultivation methods – even without certificates. We know almost all farmers and employees personally. In this personal atmosphere of trust we achieve great results in relationships that are designed for long-term mutual development.

This is rewarding – for everyone.

cumpa plants

Shipping a 20-foot container from Peru generates about 3.8 tons of CO2*, which pollutes our environment – and is therefore harmful to us all. In the "cumpa plants" programme, we plant one tree in the country of origin and one tree in Germany for every ton of green coffee imported. That way, we bind the CO2 produced during transport over the next few years. One tree saves an average of 10 kilograms of CO2 per year* Our new trees promote biodiversity and enhance the local ecosystem.

In so doing, we take our responsibility in the fight against climate change seriously and tackle it with our own hands. You can find a deeper insight into this work on our blog and on our property

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Qoffee Qulture e.V.

Daniel and Lukas are founding members of the non-profit organisation Qoffee Qulture e.V., which was founded in 2017. In this project we improve the lives of disadvantaged coffee farmers through voluntary work.

With knowledge, values and tools, we, as members of the organisation, implement projects together with partners in Germany and in the countries where the coffee is grown.

In addition, we strengthen the idea of international awareness and cultural exchange with events.

Manual selection

Our Peruvian and Vietnamese microlots are selected by hand – as an alternative to the machine selection of larger lots in the factory. Through this approach the green coffees achieve a particularly high level of cleanliness (few defects). Since 2019, we have made over USD 10,000 in salaries for employees possible through manual selection.

Thus, cumpa can also offer job opportunities to relatives of coffee farmers and strengthen the support of the community. In Moyobamba, we work with the women of the association "Vaso de Leche", who run a food bank for malnourished children in the neighbourhood.

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