What’s next in 2022

After we have already looked back at the past year, we want to give a little sneak peak for 2022. One thing is for sure: we won’t be bored! Behind the scenes, we are already working on some exciting projects. For some of them we need a little more time, for some of them we can already give you a little preview.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

We will continue to work on our product range in 2022. Together with our local partners, we want to further expand our Vietnam business. Our goal? We want to become ambassadors of the fine canephoras! Because if there is one thing we have learned together with our customers, it is this: robusta is not a crime! Our friend Toi Nguyen dispels all prejudices with his fine Robusta coffee. And we want to continue with that in 2022! We are expecting a new delivery of our favorite Robusta in May next year and are already very excited about the result. Hopefully you are too?

From Peru we will also soon receive a container with microlots that are better than ever, and this time for the first time in convenient 30kg bags! We are very much looking forward to present you these specialities soon. Because this time we have raised our standards again. You can read more about the current situation in Peru here.

We also want to further develop our product range in 2022 and add special coffees. Hopefully we will be able to tell you more about this very soon … And who knows, maybe sooner or later we will also dive into other worlds beyond coffee. It remains exciting!

Off to Peru!

Daniel and Lukas are also very much looking forward to finally traveling to Peru together again in late summer after 4 years. It is hard to believe that the last trip together was so long ago. Also the pandemic has made planning together even more difficult. All the more they are looking forward to realizing their heart’s desire in 2022. What supports the two to finally start this journey together? In the meantime, cumpa has also grown in terms of personnel, which also means that not everything “lies fallow” when Lukas and Daniel are on the road. In any case, we are looking forward to taking you along on the journey, at least virtually, on our channels.

At the beginning of February we will also welcome a special guest from Peru, our friend Jimmy Rojas, who will be visiting Germany for two months.

We continue to grow

As you may already know, we were able to grow further in 2021 despite many hurdles and welcome our new team member Julia, among others. Nevertheless, there is no end to the work and we are very much looking forward to welcoming another cumpa member very soon … but you’ll find out more about that on our channels soon, too.

We are looking forward to the new year together with you and will take you on the journey here and on our other channels. As always, we’re just bubbling over with ideas and can’t wait to tell you more. So stay tuned!

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