Finally back soon: finest Robusta from Vietnam

Do you remember our last delivery of finest Robusta coffee? In May we received it from our Vietnamese friend Toi Nguyen. The coffee was sold out in no time, and not without reason! Our partners who were able to secure some of this special coffee were convinced: Toi’s Robusta is the best they have ever tasted.  Through thorough work and a very clean selection, the coffee manages to change the controversial perception of Robusta coffee.

Today we have good news for all Robusta lovers and those who want to be: We think it’s time to bring back our Vietnamese Robusta! Currently, the coffee is harvested, the pre-financing is secured and all contracts are signed. So we’re ready for a new shipment, which will arrive around May. If you want to be part of it: we will keep you informed about pre-orders on our channels!

By the way: most recently, the Robusta beans have even made it into a very special creation conjured up by our partners at Mókuska Coffee Roasters.

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