New coffee from Peru

We have good news: The shipment of our microlots from Peru to Germany is coming up. Also this year we have coordinated for you the production of the finest coffee specialties.

This is our fourth import of microlots from Peru and the second import of microlots during the pandemic. Despite Covid, Lukas was able to spend a total of eight weeks in Peru this summer, visiting farmer friends in the three regions of Amazonas, Moyobamba and Tingo Maria. This exchange is always very valuable for both sides.

As we all know, 2021 was not an easy year for the coffee industry. Cold spells, protests and logistical undercapacity led to a short supply of green coffee and ultimately to a huge price increase. Compared to 2020, the price of coffee nearly doubled. For Peruvian coffee farmers, this makes prices very attractive this year. But still, times are difficult for them as well. The political crisis in the country has led to a devaluation of the country’s currency and, as a result, to an increase in the cost of daily expenses. Also climate change is more and more noticeable here in the mountain rainforest from year to year. Prolonged rainfall alternates with periods of extreme heat and has led to various diseases (ojo de gallo, coffee rust, anthracnose) destroying more and more coffee plants. In addition, heavy rains repeatedly wash away or bury important connecting roads.

But there is also good news. More and more farmers are diversifying their coffee varieties. The fermentation and processing techniques used are becoming more complex and sophisticated. The specialty coffee scene in Peru is on the rise, with more and more coffee brands, roasters, coffee competitions, coffee labs, licensed Q graders, and exporters in the country. Peru’s coffee and its producers are also increasingly appreciated in their own country. And most importantly, our partners are as convinced as we are that our friendship can survive these difficult times. Together, we continue to develop in the right direction.

This year, we have once again raised our standards and only purchase microlots with a cup score of over 84.5 points. Exotic processes and noble varieties such as Gesha, Villa Sarchi, Bourbón and Marsellesa bring the finest flavor profiles to the cups. This year, for the first time, we offer the microlots in multicolored printed 30 kg jute bags. Our partners from Finca Cascadas de Cuevas coordinate the process in Moyobamba and bring the coffee to the port, from where it starts its journey to us at the end of December.

In the new year, we are also expecting a special guest: Jimmy Rojas will be coming to Germany for a two-month visit at the beginning of February. Jimmy grew up among coffee plants in the jungle and was the managing director of the Aproeco cooperative for 8 years. From January 2022, he will manage the Finca Cascadas de Cuevas and hand over the management of the cooperative to Enrique Tafur, a long-time friend and former employee of Aproeco.

It remains exciting! We look forward to delicious coffees, the visit of our friend and further joint development across the oceans.

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