Mr. Toi’s Winey Natural Peaberry #00066

Peaberries are a natural mutation in which the coffee plant produces only one seed per cherry, packed with nutrients. Extra sweet, extra aromatic and extra delicious. 

During our visit to Mr. Toi Nguyen’s finca, the path takes us through a strip of jungle before arriving at the small hidden valley full of coffee and fruit trees. This is where the coffee cherries for his Winey Natural grow. An extremely sweet and aromatic Robusta with flavors of wine gum and vanilla cream.

A small stream runs through the farm and ends in a small waterfall where Mr. Toi wants to build a training center for coffee roasters. He is enthusiastic about the idea of cultural and professional exchange and is looking forward to meeting enthusiasts from all over the world at the Future Coffee Farm.

1.     the cherries are picked by hand, sorted and placed in stainless steel tanks for fermentation for more than 70 hours. These are put into a climatically controlled container which Mr. Toi had specially made for this processing method.

2.    then the cherries are dried for about 20 days. During the drying process, the cherries are moved regularly to ensure even drying of the beans.

3.     after the drying process, the coffee is visually sorted one more time and stored in Grain Pro bags.

Article #
Country / Region
Bao Loc / Vietnam
Future Coffee Farm Company Limited
Taste description
Wine Gum, Raisin Chocolate, Vanilla Cream
900 - 1000m
Bulk density [kg/l]
Moisture Content
Robusta 138
Anaerobic Natural
Sales Price per kg
10,30 €
Net kg per sack unit
30 kg
13 sack