Saying goodbye to Daniel as CEO (Lukas)

When Daniel told me he wanted to quit as CEO of cumpa, I answered him immediately: I want to continue cumpa. The beauty of our partnership from the beginning was that we could talk about everything, and talked about everything. There were and still are no taboo topics. I see it as his right that Daniel wants to stop. Besides, he is my friend. I want to support him in achieving his goals in life, regardless of cumpa. We will remain friends. And – what makes me especially happy – we will also remain cumpa partners. He will continue to support me just as much in achieving my goals. Changing the world with cumpa remains something we both work for. Only now Daniel continues his role on a strategic level as a shareholder, while I continue to focus all my efforts on the management of the company. It makes me happy to be able to count on Daniel as a sparring partner in the future. At the same time, I am looking forward to taking on even greater responsibility as managing director in the daily business.

My tasks at cumpa will now be even more extensive. But the moment for this change is well suited: With our employee Paul, we have been broadly positioned personnel-wise since February 2022, entirely in the benefit of customers* and suppliers*. We have created structures in the past. In terms of digital and organizational infrastructure, we implemented systems as a two-member management team that now work. As an engineer, Daniel played a key role in this. We can now use these systems and, to a certain extent, “skim them off the top”.

Many of our customers, suppliers, Paul and I will miss Daniel in our daily business. But do not worry: we will not lose him. As CEO, I will work closely with Daniel in his role as 50% shareholder. This gives us the chance that Daniel can gain new insights from his new job, which can help us in cumpa. 

Thank you for the great time, dear Daniel, and all the best in your new job!

Your Lukas

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