Plant Organic Coffee in Vietnam with us!

We are happy to share an inspiring project by our trusted partner, Mr. Toi, at Future Coffee Farm in Vietnam. Mr. Toi and his dedicated team are currently embarking on an extraordinary mission to cultivate organic coffee with EU, USDA, and JA standards on a vast 120,000m² area. Their vision extends far beyond the present, aiming to create a lasting connection for future generations.

We are reaching out to each of you today with a heartfelt invitation to support and join us in bringing this project to fruition. You have the incredible opportunity to sponsor coffee trees that will be planted at Future Coffee Farm. Your support, both materially and spiritually, will play a pivotal role in making this initiative a resounding success.

If you have planned a journey to Vietnam, Mr. Toi invites you to plant the trees personally. In the event that travel is not feasible, rest assured that we will take utmost care of the trees on your behalf, tending to Them. Every sponsored coffee tree will proudly bear a name tag, displaying your name or brand alongside Mr. Toi’s brand. For you, Mr. Toi’s international customers, the name tag will also feature the national flags of both countries, symbolizing the collective effort in supporting the “Organic Coffee Project for Future Generations.” Additionally, a QR code will be provided, allowing visitors to the coffee farm to scan and discover the generous donors who have contributed towards the project. Every six months, we will give you a visual report detailing the progress and growth of the coffee plants at Future Coffee Farm in Vietnam.

As the coffee trees reach the harvest stage, Mr. Toi is delighted to welcome you back to Vietnam, inviting you to Future Coffee Farm. Here, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to personally pick the coffee cherries from the trees you sponsored, witnessing firsthand the fruition of your invaluable contribution—both spiritually and materially. For those unable to visit, he will ensure the timely harvest, preparation, packing, and shipping of the coffee on your behalf through cumpa and his other distribution partners.

We offer two types of sponsorships: Premium and Standard.

Premium Sponsorship:

A Premium sponsorship includes at least 10 coffee trees. We will take care that a name tag with your name, brand, flag and personal message is placed at your trees. We will deliver you at least 2 reports each year about your trees for three years. The cost for this sponsorship is 27€ each tree.
Standard Sponsorship:

If you want to sponsor less than 10 trees, a standard sponsorship is the right choice. We will take care that a name tag is placed next to the trees saying “cumpa – proud partners of Future Coffee Farm in Europe”. We will deliver you at least 2 reports each year about these trees for three years.

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this heartfelt message. We extend an open invitation for you to join us in making dreams come true. Let us unite in supporting Mr. Toi and Future Coffee Farm as they create a sustainable and thriving future for the coffee industry.

As a gesture of our commitment, cumpa has already sponsored 100 trees towards this noble cause. Together, let’s inspire change, empower communities, and shape a brighter future for all. Thank you!

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