Plans in Vietnam

From the very beginning, we at cumpa were convinced about the importance of expanding our work from one country (Peru) to a second. At the end of 2019, one year after the foundation, we received coffee from Vietnam for the first time. Thanks to Daniel’s connections, trade started off well in this country too. By now, Vietnam has become part of cumpa’s DNA. In cumpa’s fifth year, we source Fine Robustas (Mr. Toi from Future Coffee Farm, Mr. Quang from Tamba) and Specialty Arabica (Marian and Lim from Zanya Coffee) The world’s second-largest coffee-producing country remains heavily underrepresented in the specialty coffee industry. This contradiction also generates a lot of interest among our customers.

At the beginning of 2022, cumpa has grown by a new team member. Before joining us, Paul lived in Vietnam for several years (read the blog article here). He is already 9 months with us as a full-time employee and is an enrichment to our work. Over the turn of the year 2022/2023 he will visit his second home Vietnam for a few weeks. For cumpa he will visit our friends and partners. There are many topics for conversation: How is the land pressure developing in Lang Biang? To what extent is the local coffee culture and the related K’Ho culture threatened? What future prospects can the Arabica coffee production based here offer, how can we help? How can we support the development towards organic certified Fine Robustas in Bao Loc and Gia Lai? What opportunities are there to promote cooperatives? We are excited about the direct exchange on site and look forward to developing solutions together.

Mutual long-term development is also the focus of our Vietnamese relations. We all can, want and need to shape a sustainable future for coffee all together. Paul will be reporting regularly on social media and on the blog during the trip. We look forward to lots of new input. Do you have questions about Vietnamese coffee? Feel free to write us!

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