Outlook 2024

We don’t want to give away too much, but at the same time we are happy to announce that In 2024, cumpa’s operations grow like a coffee forest during rainy season! We’ve already prepared quite a bit for you. Here are some bites:

In the first quarter alone, we’re launching real cumpa news. Alongside our first import of Peruvian Organic Robusta, we’re introducing not one but two new cumpa coffee origins! Yes, you read that right. After Peru and Vietnam, we’re moving on to cooperate with new coffee farmers in 2024 who have earned their place in Europe’s specialty roasteries. Both countries are off the mainstream, we have meaningful relationships in both, and both align perfectly with our cumpa mission. Intrigued? We are sorry, but you’ll have to wait a bit to find out more. Soon, we’ll share extensive information in separate newsletters.

In the second quarter, we’ll receive a new shipment of Vietnamese green coffees that we’ve already pre-financed. Our focus here is increasingly on Robusta. We’re excited to present new coffees for a new season, showcasing Vietnamese high-end Robustas.

Additionally, the cumpa team grows in the second quarter, welcoming two new team members. We’ll keep you in suspense a bit longer before introducing them in social media and newsletters.

Throughout the year, we look forward to numerous coffee events, such as Intergastra in Stuttgart, WOC in Copenhagen, the Frankfurt Coffee Festival, more Canephorum, and surely some other coffee gatherings.

Aside from that, for now, these are our plans for 2024. We want to approach the introduction of new partnerships and team members carefully and systematically. Above all, we want to allocate plenty of time for one thing: visiting YOU, our dear customers, the coffee roasters. We remain steadfast in our mission to connect people through gastronomy and science in friendship, with continued enthusiasm and perseverance.

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