New Partnership: DETECH Coffee

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Detech Coffee, an exceptional coffee producer based in North Vietnam. Through our extensive network in Vietnam, we connected with Detech Coffee in 2022 and were captivated by their commitment to sustainability, social upliftment, and gender equality. Led by Ngoc Anh Sprünker, the manager of the local coffee cooperative and chairperson of the International Woman Coffee Association (IWCA) of Vietnam chapter, Detech Coffee stands out for its remarkable work and exceptional coffees produced in Son La Province.

Detech Coffee has earned a stellar reputation for its high-quality coffee offerings and dedication to making a positive impact on communities and the local coffee industry. As their importing partner in Europe, we are honoured to bring their outstanding coffee to roasteries across the continent. What sets Detech Coffee apart is their comprehensive approach to the entire production process. They operate their own processing station while also purchasing parchment directly from farmers, ensuring quality control every step of the way. With a gender-equal workforce of 45 employees, Detech Coffee places a strong emphasis on gender equality, fostering a balanced representation within their team.

During the coffee season, Detech relies on a core team of experts, minimizing the need for extensive seasonal workers. This approach allows them to maintain efficiency and consistency in their operations. Each individual farm plot within Detech Coffee’s network ranges from 0.5 to 2 hectares, providing a sustainable and manageable scale for the farmers. This land ownership model showcases Detech Coffee’s commitment to working directly with local farmers, empowering them with autonomy and control over their own farms.

Through their red-cherry program, Detech Coffee collaborates with around 2,000 farms, with a particular focus on ethnic communities such as Taidam and H’Mong. By offering premium prices for good cherry quality, Detech Coffee not only benefits from superior coffee but also significantly improves the incomes of these smallholder farmers, positively impacting their lives and communities. Moreover, Detech Coffee actively supports gender equality within the coffee industry as a founding and sustaining partner of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), Vietnam chapter. Their programs include premium coffee production for ethnic female coffee growers and coffee eco-tours, providing extra incomes and new job opportunities to women in the industry. Their efforts have gained recognition, receiving a grant from the Starbucks Foundation to train women in coffee for occupational safety and health.

Beyond their commitment to the coffee industry, Detech Coffee engages in community outreach and social responsibility initiatives. They collaborate with organizations such as Healing Hearts Vietnam, providing financial support for the diagnosis and surgery of Vietnamese children with congenital heart disease. Additionally, their partnership with IWCA Vietnam and joint fundraising campaigns contribute to the overall development of coffee farming communities, including donating seedlings and fruit trees, providing training on farming techniques, and establishing sustainable ecosystems.

As our partnership with Detech Coffee begins, we are excited to introduce you to the first North Vietnamese Arabica, a remarkable coffee that embodies the exceptional quality and sustainable practices championed by Detech Coffee. Together, we embark on a journey to bring you an unforgettable coffee experience while supporting the remarkable initiatives of Detech Coffee and empowering communities in Vietnam.

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