Mr. Tois Canephora at Brewers Cup – Thomas West, KRÖM Kaffeerösterei Magdeburg

Guest article by Thomas West, KRÖM Kafferösterei Magdeburg

From 30 March to 01 April 2023, the Brewers Cup Germany took place in Nuremberg and KRÖM from Magdeburg participated with the Mr. Toi Winey Natural Peaberry. Fine Robusta was celebrated between Geisha and Ninety Plus Coffee. He took fifth place! Congratulations!!

Here comes a short “How to compete with a canephora” by Thomas West.

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Step 1: Roasting
KRÖM roasted the Winey Natural from Mr. Toi coffee as a 6kg batch on a 15kg Giesen gas roaster very light. With a lower final temperature of 195°C and 20% development. This was to produce the optimum sweetness without risking bitterness.

Step 2: Brewing method
For the Brewers Cup we decided to use the Origami Dripper together with the Kalita filter paper. As the extraction is very even here and a balanced cup of coffee is produced.

Step 3: Water
Most important for the final cup of coffee was the water. Here we experimented a lot and produced a very soft water with a total of 70ppm.

  • 50ppm magnesium to add complexity and push sweetness.
  • 10ppm calcium to enhance the creamy body and smooth mouthfeel.
  • 5ppm sodium and 5ppm potassium as buffers to add variety to the cup without dampening too much acidity.

Schritt 4: Recipe

  • 20g coffee, coarsely ground
  • 220g water
  • 88°C Brewing temperature
  • 02:30 Brewing time
  • Pour 4x 50g of water
  • Always wait until the water has completely run through.
  • Finally, add 20g of water as a bypass.

With the low ratio, we want to strengthen the overall impression of the cup. The low brewing temperature serves to avoid unwanted astringency. With all the steps, we have well exhausted the potential of this incredible canephora. We specified the following descriptors in the competition.

Malt and caramel

High temperature: low complexity with caramel
Medium temperature: dried cranberries, some dark chocolate, Darjeeling, hazelnut
Low temperature: hazelnut, caramel, Darjeeling and wine gum

High temperature: full and heavy
Medium temperature: creamy, lactic
Low temperature: silky

The acidity supports the sweetness perfectly.

High temperature: soft, smooth
Medium temperature: a little lactic acid
Low temperature: malic acid

Long-lasting, dark chocolate, hazelnut

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