Microlots shipped from Peru

A ship is out on the ocean, loaded with a cumpa container of the finest green coffees from Peru! In the 20ft container 12.8t Microlots share space with 6.9t Oro Verde cooperative lot. Follow the ship on its journey here.

We are looking forward to some novelties. For the first time, all microlots were selected centrally in Moyobamba by our new partners from Mishqui Huayo. This small private company deals with specialty coffee in the region. Over the years, Mishqui Huayo has perfected the processes with a handful of farmers. This was rewarded with first place in the regional coffee competition “Taza San Martin” in 2021. In addition to loyal relationships with a few producers, having our own micro-mill is a great advantage. Here all our microlots were selected this year, a total of 17 tons of Parchment coffee! We could not resist the opportunity to have all our microlots selected at Mishqui Huayo, but we also buy coffee from their own production. The lots, which are only available in very small quantities, shine with exotic processes that conjure up notes of juicy fruit, rum, fine chocolate and floral aromas in the cup.

Also new is the packaging of the microlots. For the first time, the coffee was packed in 30 kg bags (jute and GrainPro). In the Peruvian capital, the jute bags were printed in several colors for this purpose. The new packaging looks prettier, is easier to move and can now be sampled in the smaller quantities.

In total, microlots from 3 areas of Peru are on their way to us: Lonya Grande in the state of Amazonas, Moyobamba in the state of San Martín and Monzón in the state of Huánuco.

In Lonya Grande we work with the farmer Germán Carranza and his family. We already met in 2019, but only in 2021 we managed to visit his finca. At 1,600m above sea level, he lives with his family in the village of Gracias a Dios and maintains a total of 9 hectares of land growing coffee. He works in a very innovative and independent way. He is also a real variety pioneer of Peru. With 4.7t of green coffee, Germán now achieves a Catimor percentage of 0. We are particularly looking forward to his first pure Gesha coffee. Germán adapts the complex processes to the volatile weather conditions, which is why there are unfortunately no Naturals or Honeys this year. With his open manner, he has won friends among German roasters and made a name for himself. Germán named the eight new lots himself, honoring his wife, his culture, his village, and his region.

In Moyobamba, in addition to our new partners from Mishqui Huayo, we continue to work with Finca Cascadas de Cueva. The young private company coordinates and exports all microlots from Peru for us. In addition, this year Gover Cueva bought coffee cherries from the neighbors and fermented and dried them centrally on the finca. The result is an anaerobic washed lot of 4 tons, which represents the export company and the finca.

In Monzón, we have had relationships with coffee farmers for 3 years. This particularly remote, steep valley has been devastated by decades of coca cultivation and Shining Path terrorism. The violence has left deep scars on the population. Today, farmers are finding it difficult to replace coca with alternative products. With the help of Proyecto Alianza Café, Devida and the local cooperative Divisoria, we visit farmers and buy high quality coffee at extraordinary prices. This year we will receive two Geshas from Primitivo and Clomalda, as well as microlots from two other passionate farmers. We look forward to showcasing these coffees and their stories. In this way, we (and you) are helping with the positive development in the valley.

All in all, we can expect really fantastic coffees, the crème de la crème of Peru! We thank our partners and all farmers for their great work and can’t wait to taste the coffees in the best roasteries in Europe 🙂

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