Fresh goods from Vietnam: Container is on its way

In mid-May, we expect a new container with fresh green coffee from Vietnam. After the tense logistics situation on the world’s oceans led to some turmoil and costs in 2021 and 2022, the situation now seems to have largely eased up again in this respect. Freight rates, for example, have fallen and delivery times have shortened dramatically.

This is our 2023 cargo: We start with a novelty in the cumpa range. In this year’s container are 4.5 tons of washed Arabica coffee from the Detech Women’s Cooperative in Son La. This coffee represents the start of our new partnership, with an Arabica – specialty coffee that scores for sweetness, cleanliness and great value for money. We will report on this new partnership and the pioneering work of the cooperative in a separate blog later. Moving on to proven partnerships. From Mr. Toi (Future Coffee Farm) this year we are getting a ton of his much desired washed Robusta and 4 tons of a more affordable Honey processed Fine Robusta, which he has produced exkusively for us. Our import from Mr. Quang (Tamba) is similar. He produced us a ton of his very special “Very Fine Natural” Robusta plus 4 tons of the more affordable Honey processed Fine Robusta “Jaray”. From our friends at Zanya we import half a ton of Anaerobic Natural Arabica and half a ton of Natural Arabica. The remaining space in the container gets more coffee from Zanya, which we send directly to Marian’s brother in Slovakia after arrival.

Mr. Quang (Tamba) loading the container

As described in the previous newsletter, we are already storing this container in Hamburg at Schwarze und Consorten. For us this means that in the future we will unfortunately not be able to add our little presents for you to the pallet as usual. At the same time we are happy not to have to chase these 20 tons of green coffee over our humps anymore.

For you the cumpa Vietnam import means 2023: The high-priced microlots are only available in very limited quantities this time. On the other hand, you will be offered more coffees at better prices and will find stable coffees for the management of your roastery in years of economic crisis, without having to sacrifice quality or transparency.

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