Finally here: new coffees from Vietnam!

Finally, the container with new coffees from Vietnam has arrived. Shipped in April, it finally reached us last Friday and not even one of the hottest days this year could stop us from unloading our container. After all, we didn’t want to wait a second longer for our new coffees from Vietnam! From now on you can find them online here and taste them live at the WOC in Milan this week! There you can either visit us at table 63 in the Roasters Village for a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Vietnam, or participate in our cupping session. It will take place on Saturday at 2:30 pm in room 1.

But what was actually on board? In addition to coffees from our partners Mr. Toi and Zanya Coffee, we are also happy to have coffees from Tamba Coffee for the first time.

New: Tamba Coffee, Gia Lai

From now on the coffees of our new partner Tamba are available. Mr. Quang Junior already started to cultivate Robusta according to Specialty Standards before there was a local market for his products. This passion pays off! Click here for all coffees from Tamba.

Toi Nguyen, Bao Loc

Cleanly produced Robustas that are second to none are the hallmark of Mr. Toi. That’s why we’re just as excited as you are about the new coffees from the Robusta guru. Click here to see all of Mr. Toi’s coffees.

Zanya Coffee, Lang Biang

The special Arabica coffees from Jan Lim and her husband Marian Takač convince us again this year. They are grown in Lang Biang with love and passion. Click here to see all the coffees from Zanya.

We would like to thank all the helpers who helped us with the unloading despite temperatures beyond 30 degrees. And of course especially to our friends and partners from Vietnam, to whom we owe these delicious coffees! We are already very excited about the new coffees and are looking forward to your feedback. Check out our website for more details about the coffees and to order samples.

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