Cumpa Warehouse in Hamburg: A New Era

We are happy to announce that our first coffee-filled containers have arrived safely in Hamburg. This important milestone not only propels us forward but also promises benefits to our valued customers. Our move to Hamburg has reduced costs, allowing us to offer better conditions and better value. We are pleased to continue the collection procedure at in Einsteinstraße 13, as our Herrenberg warehouse will be open until September 30, 2023. Until then, Customers can schedule pickup appointments.

Looking to the future, our warehouse strategy at Schwarze & Consorten in Hamburg opens up exciting opportunities. Customers can combine mixing pallets with coffee specialties from other importers. The warehouse has a capacity of 34,000 pallet parking spaces, which supports our growth goals. We were very satisfied with our visit to the warehouse in Hamburg last week, as the Schwarze & Consorten team showed a lot of professionalism and experience in working with our precious coffee.

The transformative from self-storage to outsourced warehousing allows us to devote more time and resources to strengthening customer relationships, attending events, conducting training and fostering meaningful collaborations with suppliers. Hamburg’s historical importance as a European warehouse center makes it an ideal location for our storage. We appreciate the support and remain committed to excellence, innovation, and customer service.

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