“cumpa plants” once again! – A short report on our fourth tree planting event

Last Friday, 25.04.2022, we took advantage of the good weather to carry out our fourth tree planting event. This time we planted 40 fruit trees, of course valuable and native high trunks, in Kirchheim unter Teck, Eutingen im Gäu and Rottenburg am Neckar on fallow orchard meadows.

We would like to thank Jürgen Sedler and Grüne Dienstleistungen from Endingen a. K. for their professional and friendly support, who once again helped us to procure the trees in a most professional manner. You can be relied upon!

Further thanks go to the board of directors of the BGNA – Bund für Gemeinschaft, Natur und Artenvielfalt e.V. (Association for Community, Nature and Biodiversity), Michael Weik, who as a state-certified forester and good friend actively supported us. You ask yourselves what now this is the BGNA and what it has to do with us? The newly founded association, BGNA in short, will be our cooperation partner for our nature conservation activities within Germany in the future. Daniel is even a founding member and Lukas the first supporting member. Because the foundation is still new, you won’t find much information on the internet yet. But that will change soon. 😊 In the meantime you can already get a small impression on Instagram.

When we started our first tree planting event in 2018, we set ourselves the goal to plant one tree in Germany and one in the origin for every ton of imported green coffee. However, as we import much larger quantities in the meantime than in 2018, it is becoming too much for cumpa to continue. The 40 trees that we still planted independently this time were still “open” for 2021 from our self-imposed obligation.

Starting this year, we will therefore implement projects together with the BGNA and donate part of our profits to the non-profit organization. Of course we will continue to be personally involved and you will be kept up to date.

As soon as the association has formed a little further, you can even donate to the BGNA and pull together with us to protect the local nature. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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