Behind the Beans: Mr. Toi, legendary Fine-Robusta from Vietnam

About “Behind the Beans

Since the founding of cumpa, we have already met many exciting personalities from the coffee world and made friends. In “Behind the Beans” we want to introduce you to them and take a look behind the scenes together. For our latest issue, we interviewed the legendary Mr. Toi, founder of Future Coffee Farm. He is a pioneer and innovator for the finest Robustas and, according to his own statement, produces coffees with his heart. Anyone who has tasted them knows that you can taste it…

Behind the Beans: Mr. Toi, legendary Fine-Robusta from Vietnam


What is your relationship with cumpa?

Our relationship is based on trust and respect. Together, Cumpa and we generate good value for everyone in our ecosystem. From farmers to producers, traders, roasters and consumers: Together we achieve sustainability.

Why did you end up in the coffee industry?

For me, it is like a duty to make good coffee with our coffee trees here in my home country Vietnam. Basically, we are transforming the current production method by producing high-quality coffee. This improves the lives of the farmers.

What do you like most about the specialty coffee industry?

For me, specialty coffee offers a great opportunity to explore the magical world of coffee flavor through new fermentation. The space for new discoveries is endless.

What do you want to achieve with coffee?

My goal is to educate myself as a professional, increase my network of contacts and generate better commercial conditions for producers.

What does (specialty-) coffee mean to you?

Producing specialty coffee makes me proud. I show that my country can produce great coffees for high-end customers around the globe.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you in a coffee context?

Honestly – at first I didn’t even like coffee! Then I became the first Vietnamese who, after much research, produced specialty coffee and exported it to Japan, USA and the EU. Now I can’t imagine life without coffee.

What coffee prejudice would you like to dispel?

Vietnam is the second largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world. But it should not be known for its low quality. I have seen the huge potential that we can tap.

What coffee highlight are you most looking forward to right now?

Coffee will be a common language connecting people in remote countries with coffee drinkers in developed cities and countries around the world.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and coffees, Mr. Toi!

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