Rising coffee prices: Outlook

A central topic that not only concerns our partners but also us on a daily basis is the current tense situation in the coffee industry. In this last article we want to inform you about the measures we have taken and how we are positioning ourselves for the future.


We are gearing up with cumpa to weather difficult times together with our partners in origin and with our partners in destination. For us, this means that we put ourselves through our paces and cut costs wherever possible. In addition, we are increasingly looking for lower-priced coffees at origin, with which we can make attractive offers to roasters without sacrificing quality, sustainability or transparency. We believe that together we can emerge stronger from the crisis.

But for this we need the help of you roasters and coffee drinkers. We address ourselves directly to you: Please join us in preventing even more transnational capital giants from becoming the winners of the crisis. Stay with us small businesses. Talk to us about how we can better serve your needs. We love our work and want to continue it together with you.

Right now we still have 10t Peruvian microlots and 13t Vietnamese microlots in stock. They are the result of extraordinary work of extraordinary people. Some of these coffees we have already pre-financed in November 2021. At that time, few would have guessed the crisis that is now hitting us in Europe. We probably would have bought less coffee, and less 85+ coffee.

In order to be able to adjust our assortment quickly, we are offering a double discount promotion with immediate effect.

  • From an order of 300 kg the shipping within Germany (mainland) is free!
  • All microlots from Peru are now available with juicy discounts of up to 33%! Click here to get to our assortment

We are very happy to be able to accompany you with these delicious coffees through the autumn and Christmas season and thus prepare ourselves together for the coming months!

Thank you, your team cumpa

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