Our New Container from Vietnam has arrived

The new Container with cumpa coffee from Vietnam has arrived, marking a significant milestone as we enter our fifth year of working with Vietnamese coffee. Our passion lies in showcasing the world the exceptional quality and flavours that Vietnamese coffee has to offer. Through our dedication, we have become ambassadors for Vietnamese coffee, including the promotion of rare Arabica Specialty Coffees and Fine Robusta to the European specialty coffee markets. This endeavour holds immense potential to contribute significantly to a more sustainable coffee industry as we navigate the challenges of climate change. By embracing Robusta coffee, together we can foster resilience and adaptability in the face of evolving climatic conditions.

Within our container, we are proud to present exquisite Robusta beans sourced from Tamba and Future Coffee Farm, under the leadership of the esteemed Mr. Toi. Both producers have consistently delivered outstanding Robusta coffee that exemplifies outstanding quality and sustainability achievements in the Vietnamese coffee industry.

In addition, we are excited to introduce our new partners, Detech, who have brought forth some exceptional arabica coffee in Northern Vietnam. Their arabica coffee not only boasts exquisite flavours and woman empowerment, but also offers a remarkable cost value ratio, ensuring a delightful experience for coffee lovers. For more in-depth information about Detech, we invite you to explore the special article featured in this newsletter.

Continuing our partnership with Marian and Lim from Zanya Coffee, we are pleased to offer their latest production of natural and anaerobic natural processed Arabica coffee. This year’s production has surpassed expectations, delivering captivating flavour profiles that epitomize the dedication and craftsmanship of these talented coffee producers.

As our new container from Vietnam arrives, we invite you to join us in celebrating the rich and exceptional offerings of Vietnamese coffee. Together, let us continue to promote the virtues of Vietnamese coffee and contribute to the sustainable development of a thriving coffee industry.

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