Time to celebrate!

Today is a great day for our Vietnamese relations. First, Tet week has started in Vietnam, which is the start into the new year after the Luna calendar. The year of the tiger! Chúc Mừng năm mới! Second, we are super happy to introduce you to our brand new team member: Paul! Welcome to cumpa, dear Paul. We wish you a fantastic start!

Paul lived in Vietnam for almost the last 6 years and within the latest 2,5 years he started his coffee life in Ho Chi Minh City, by creating his own little coffee brand! Daniel and Paul met the first time in 2020 and went together to the Da Lat region to visit our common coffee friends. That was, when the first ideas were born, that Paul may come back to Germany one day. He comes from Tübingen, just like Lukas and Daniel, and his dream was to work in the coffee sector, when returning there. What a match!

After developing and cooperating for a while now, today is the day, that he becomes a cumpa family member. He will be the coffee manager for Vietnam and will help us bringing rare Fine Robustas and excellent Specialty Arabicas from our partners Mr. Toi , Zanya  and Tamba.

We are very happy that cumpa continues to grow. After welcoming Julia in November, we are now – a quarter of a year later – already four people at cumpa. This puts us in a great position for everything exciting that will happen this year.

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