Christmas is coming

As a company in the coffee industry, a busy time begins for most of us starting in the fall. The special requests start to trickle in: coffee as a gift for employees or business partners, Christmas coffee specials in the caf├ę, stocking up on coffee for the days between the years. You probably know what we’re talking about. We are happy to be at your side during the Christmas season. Our Peruvian coffees bring delicious notes of milk chocolate, gingerbread and dried fruit into the cup. The Vietnamese coffees also fit well at the Christmas table with notes of tea, spices and apple. After the greasy Christmas goose, our caffeine-rich Vietnamese Fine Robustas will convince even Auntie Mary or Uncle John to take a digestive walk. How about the flavor for the homemade vanilla bakery this year to come from our Vainilla Pompona from the Peruvian rainforest? We are still working until December 23rd and will be happy if we can do our part to make the holiday season a success. Between Christmas and New Year we will also close the office and use the time for our families.

Thanks to Nathi for your super cool artwork ­čÖé

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