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COMING SOON (06-2022)

“Siêu Sao” is the Vietnamese word for “superstar”. And that is exactly what this very special, naturally processed coffee is to us.

Mr. Quang Junior started to cultivate Robusta according to Specialty Standards even before there was a local market for his product. He believed strongly in his vision and travelled throughout Vietnam, winning over café owners for his coffee. Siêu Sao is a great example of an excellent Robusta, which is not only neatly produced, but also amazes with citric flavor notes and a fruity aroma. Only the finest cherries go into this lot. “Very Fine Robusta”

1.   the cherries are picked by hand, floated, and sorted with an optical sorting machine.

2.   the cherries are then placed in fermentation tanks for more than 70 hours.

3.   they are then dried for 20 to 25 days. During this time, the cherries are moved regularly to ensure that the beans dry evenly.

4.   after the drying process, the dry cherry husks are separated from the coffee beans and visually sorted one more time and then stored in GrainPro bags.

Article #
Harvest period
Country / Region
Vietnam / Gia Lai
Tamba Coffee
Taste description
Apple Cider, Pistachio, Pineapple
Anaerobic Natural
Sales Price per kg
11,97 €
Net kg per sack unit
30 kg
10 sack (06-2022)
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