Mr. Toi’s Winey Honey #00061

Mr. Toi Nguyen’s Winey Honey, with flavors of red wine, chocolate, and almonds, is unique. At his Future Coffee farm near Bao Loc, he produces world-class canephoras – or more precisely, Robustas. He started his coffee career as a harvest helper. At the time, he was still a poor man, selling corn on the street to feed his family. His curiosity for coffee quickly developed into a passion that brings us these unusually aromatic coffees today.


1.      100% ripe cherries are picked by hand and visually sorted.

2.       Then they are put in stainless steel tanks to ferment for more than 70 hours in specially constructed acclimated containers to keep entire control of the environment.

3.      As this is a honey processed coffee the cherry is removed from the seed and dried in its sticky layer, the mucilage.

4.      They are left to dry for around 10 days. In the drying process the beans are moved regularly to guarantee that the beans dry homogeneously.

5.      In the end, the coffee is visually sorted by hand for one last time and stored in GrainPro bags afterwards.

Article #
Country / Region
Bao Loc / Vietnam
Future Coffee Farm Company Limited
Taste description
Sugar Cane, Gingerbread, Wild Honey
900 - 1000m
Bulk density [kg/l]
Moisture Content
Robusta 138
Anaerobic Honey
Sales Price per kg
9,28 €
Net kg per sack unit
30 kg
101 sack