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COMING SOON (06-2022)

A special and rather rare processing method in which the beans are de-pulped but then dried together on a table with the cascara (the coffee cherry husk).

We named this “Honeyed Natural”, as Mr. Quang calls it, Mật Ong – Vietnamese for “honey” – because its subtle sweetness reminds us of the wild bees above the coffee farm, filling the air with their buzzing.

The slightly tart, but also floral honey is sold by many of the Jarai farmers at the nearby market.


1.   for this very special processing method, the cherries are first hand-picked and floated.

2.   then the cherries are placed in steel tanks for 48 hours fermentation and depulped afterwards.

3.   the beans, together with the coffee cherry skin (cascara), are spread out to dry on raised drying beds for 20 to 25 days.

4.   during the drying process, the mixture is regularly agitated to ensure uniform drying.

5.   after the drying process, beans and cascara are separated, the beans are visually sorted one last time and packed in GrainPro bags.

Article #
Harvest period
Country / Region
Vietnam / Gia Lai
Tamba Coffee
Taste description
Sunflower Seed, Pecan Nut, Wild Honey
Sales Price per kg
7,17 €
Net kg per sack unit
60 kg
10 sack (06-2022)
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