Koho #00058

This Black Honey coffee named “Koho” was produced by Marian Takač and his wife Jan Lim at Zanya Coffee in Lang Biang, Vietnam.

 The French colonialists brought coffee to Vietnam and planted some coffee varieties to the 1500 – 1650 meters elevated Lang Biang Mountain. Until today, the Koho cultivate these coffees. Besides the resistant Catimor variety, Caturra. Bourbon and Typica plants are also found and determine the character of this coffee with this special genetic blend. The Koho Honey was the first non-naturally processed coffee of the family. Because of its pleasant chocolate, nut, and black current notes as well as its balance between sweetness and acidity, we are happy to have this great coffee back in our assortment. 


1. the cherries are handpicked and selected by hand.

2. the coffee is de-pulped but not washed, so that all the mucilage remains on the beans.

3. the beans are then spread out on the drying tables and not moved for the first 48 hours to ferment easily.

4. the coffee lies spread out on drying tables for about 3 weeks, mixing it again and again so that the beans dry evenly.

5. the beans are left with the parchment skin and then continue to ripen for about 2 months in the closed Grainpro bag.

Before export, the parchment skin is removed, and the beans are re-selected by hand one last time.

Article #
Country / Region
Dalat / Vietnam
Zanya Coffee
Taste description
Red Apple, Forest Honey, Cocoa
1500 - 1650m
Bulk density [kg/l]
Moisture Content
Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon, Tipica
Sales Price per kg
14,13 €
Net kg per sack unit
30 kg
13 sack