Don Porfilio Washed

Elderly coffee farmer Don Porfilio lives alone on his finca Alto Siyurco, Jepelacio, Peru. His lifestyle is almost self-sufficient, which has earned him the nickname “El Ermitaño” (The Hermit). Besides coffee, he also cultivates maize, beans, pineapple, citrus fruits, manioc, orchids and even some wine. He also has some chickens, of which the rare ocelot sometimes snitchs one. Cooking and eating together on his finca are a must do on every visit. For this, the elderly hermit is also popular with the agro-engineers of Aproeco.

Don Porfilio’s close connection with nature is reflected in his delicious coffees. This season he produced a washed processed coffee of the varieties Caturra and Pache, directly from the finca “Alto Siyurcu” in Pacaypite, Jepelacio, Peru. With kind regards from Don Porfilio aka. “El Ermitaño”.

Lot #
Harvest Period
2020 Q2
Country / Region
Peru / Moyobamba
Finca Cascadas de Cueva
Taste description
Red Grapes, Chocolate, Syrup
Caturra, Pache
Sales Price per kg
8.90 €
Net kg per sack unit
69 kg
13 sack
Bulk density [kg/l]
0.74 +49 (0)7032 28986 00