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Don Martín is an elderly coffee farmer with an eventful history. As a young man, he fled his uncle from the mountains of Peru to the rainforest, where he built an existence for his family as a coffee farmer from nothing. In 2013, he was elected president of the Aproeco cooperative, which he led out of a crisis until 2018. During these years, he lived with his son Jimmy in a small room in the cooperative building. Due to the work as an official, he could not properly cultivate his finca “La Piramide” and it went under again in the rainforest. In 2018, after 6 years of Aproeco presidency, Don Martín could not be elected again. He left the strengthened, proud cooperative in the town of Moyobamba and went back to his finca “La Piramide” to devote himself fully to coffee production again.

For cumpa, Don Martín produced a washed microlot of the Bourbón and Catimor varieties in the pandemic year. It is the first microlot that Don Martín aka. “El Presidente” has ever produced for export.

Article #
Country / Region
Peru / Moyobamba
Finca Cascadas de Cueva
Taste description
Stracciatella, Grape, Honey, Dark berries
Bulk density [kg/l]
Bourbón, Catimor
Sales Price per kg
9,50 € / kg 8,55 € / kg
Net kg per sack unit
69 kg
4 sack +49 (0)7032 28986 00