Tree Sponsorship – “Coffee for Future Generations”

Tree Sponsorship Project “Coffee for Future Generations” goes into the second round!

Mr. Toi and his dedicated team have embarked on an extraordinary mission: On an impressive area of 120,000 m², organic coffee is grown according to the strict standards of the EU, USDA, and JA Organic. This vision aims to create a sustainable connection for future generations. During our last visit in November 2023, we ourselves planted some trees and marked them with signs of the supporting roasteries.

Together with you, we have already planted 151 trees!

Invitation to Support the Second Round!

We, together with Mr. Toi, warmly invite you to support this inspiring project in the second round and become part of this vision. You have the opportunity to sponsor coffee plants that will be planted on the Future Coffee Farm. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, Mr. Toi warmly invites you to plant your sponsored trees personally. If a trip is currently not possible, we will lovingly take care of the trees on your behalf. Each sponsored coffee tree will receive a nameplate with your brand and personal message next to the logo of the Future Coffee Farm. As a sign of international collaboration, the nameplates will carry the national flags of both countries. Every six months, you will receive a report on the progress and growth of the coffee plants.

We offer two types of sponsorship:

1) Premium-Sponsorship:

A Premium Sponsorship includes the donation of at least 10 coffee plants. These trees will have a nameplate with your name, your brand, and a message personally written by you. You will receive two reports per year for the next three years from the start of the sponsorship. The cost for this type of sponsorship is €27 per tree.

2) Standard-Sponsorsphip:

If you want to sponsor fewer than 10 trees, standard sponsorship is the right choice. The trees will have a nameplate that reads “cumpa – proud partners of Future Coffee Farm in Europe.” Here too, you will receive at least two reports per year for three years from the start of the sponsorship. The cost for this type of sponsorship is €31 per tree.

A personal message from Mr. Toi:

“When I started this project, I sent an open letter to Cumpa in Germany. I asked you to inform your customers that I am carrying out this project and hoped that they, together with cumpa, would donate coffee plants. This coffee has a symbolic value for me and for you. For the future of my children and your children. No matter what path they take, they will meet my children in the future and build on what we have created today. This is what I wish for. A common future. That is why I called this coffee project ‘Coffee for Future Generations.’ It has several forward-looking goals, and that is the most important thing to me. I also want to thank the people who trust cumpa and have donated these coffee plants. I promise to take care of the new coffee trees as best as I can, just like my previous beloved plants.”

As a sign of our commitment, cumpa has already sponsored 100 trees for this noble cause. Together we want to inspire change, strengthen the international community, and create a brighter future for all. Thank you for your support!

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