Travel with us to Peru in 2022!

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After we were already able to coordinate a guided trip for roasters to Peru in 2018 and 2019, we had to take a break in 2020 and 2021. In the meantime Covid19 became normality somehow and nothing stands in the way for another trip to Peru! Together with Jimmy Rojas from Finca Cascadas de Cuevas and our network we present you our cumpa travel format Peru. Here you can download the complete program and the travel flyer.


In a group of maximum 10 people, during the 8-day trip you will get to know the country of Peru, the work with coffee and the wonderful people behind your fantastic coffee. The program is aimed at coffee enthusiasts and professionals who enjoy spending days exploring different facets of coffee. The vacation factor is not neglected either – excursions to waterfalls, thermal baths, river trips and hikes in the jungle are part of everyday life for Peru’s coffee farmers. The exchange with Peruvian players of coffee production will be as important as the exchange among the participants.


We invite you to start planning your trip now. There are still 5 months left and 10 open places. At the end of September, the harvest season in Peru is slowly coming to an end and the best coffees are coming from the highest hills to the buying points, where happy cuppers are served the most delicious tables of the season. The moment could not be better.


Since Peru is a huge country and we now have relationships in different regions, we unfortunately can’t visit all of them in this time. Therefore, we decided to focus on the San Martin region in the north of the country for this time. Here in the rainforest and mountain rainforest the story of cumpa started. From here comes the name cumpa and also the majority of the coffee we import.


In the future we also want to offer guided trips to Amazonas, as well as to Tingo Maria and Monzón. But first things first – for this year we are going to Moyobamba, city of orchids, Santiago of the eight valleys and home of cumpa coffee from hour 0. We look forward to an unforgettable adventure with you!

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