Our First FCL Vietnam Robusta

A small container for the coffee industry, a big container for cumpa history: For the first time since we expanded our business to Vietnam 4 years ago, we are importing a Full Container Load of 20 tons of Fine Robusta from Vietnam this season. For us, Fine Robusta is an integral part of our corporate strategy, so it was only a matter of time before we achieved this milestone.

This time, the container from Vietnam took a bit longer to reach us because, in order to avoid the Huthi attacks in the Red Sea, it had to round the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and only then could head to Hamburg via the Atlantic.

The demand was already immense in advance. Unfortunately, this meant that we cannot offer any coffee from Mr. Toi and the Future Coffee Farm on spot this time. We apologize for this in advance. We were forced to carefully distribute the coffee among those partners who have a particularly personal relationship with Mr. Toi and his coffees through an origin trip and tree sponsorships.

More Robustas are coming from Tamba and Great Cherry Robusta. Here too, we met with high demand even before arrival.

This year also from Peru Fine Robusta and another surprise, namely Fine Robusta from our 4th cumpa origin.

Stay Tuned!

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