New Partnership: Great Cherry Robusta

Since the beginning of 2023, we have been in contact with the friendly team around Will Nguyen. With excellent communication, which took place in the triangle Germany-Vietnam-Australia, with great samples, and his visionary appearance, Great Cherry Robusta convinced us from the start.

In Dak Lak in Central Vietnam, the Fine Robusta enthusiasts produce delicious green coffees with the Vietnamese traditional, rare Robusta varietiy (“Robusta Sẻ”). The seeds of these cherries are smaller and denser than those of newer Robusta varieties. And in the cup, they bring more complexity up to Arabica-like flavor notes, such as floral, tropical fruit, malic acid, and honey.

The overall package convinced us and so we did business. Today we are pleased to present the Great Robusta from GCR to the European market.

Look forward to exotic and fine Robusta Sẻ, like you have never tasted before!

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